Diesel Fuel Injectors & Nozzles

We carry a very good range of Injectors and Nozzles of all types and makes, especially of the older, harder to find types.

Complete Injectors are often in stock, reconditioned, ready to fit in your engine. All separate spares for Injectors, Bodies, Springs, Cap-nuts, Sealing Washers etc. are available.

We also offer a complete reconditioning service on all makes of Injectors.

Injectors are supplied as No Old Units (NOU) or the reconditioning of your own units.

We can supply new Injector Nozzles of all makes & types.

Armstrong Siddeley AS 1/2/3 Injector Unit 1952-60
CAV/Bryce Identification No. 99/280
Body Part No: CAV BKB80S550
CAV Nozzle Part No: BDL130S6003
Bryce Nozzle Part No: HL130S25C552
Bosch Nozzle Part No: DL130S850
Set @ 200 atms.
Nozzle Seating Washer: CAV Part No: NW5-43W4
Aluminium Heat Sleeve is fitted.
AMBAC Types:
American Bosch Types - mainly Leyland Application in the UK
CAV Types:
CIPA Types:
No longer manufactures, but we still have some original parts. Equivalent parts & spares are available.
Bosch Types:
Bryce Types:
See Lister & Petter Applications.
Ford Types:
Fitted with Stanadyne, CAV & Simms.
IHC Types:
Simms & CAV Types, BTD Tractors.
Japanese Types:
Nippon Denso, Zexel, Diesel Kiki, Yanmar.
Gardner Types:
Land-Rover Types:
Early 2 litre, 2.5 litre, Discovery.
Leyland Types:
370, 400, 401, 500, 510, 600, 680.
Lister Types:
3/1, JP, HA, ST, SR, LD, Lister Blackstone.
Lister LD & SL Injector Unit
CAV/Bryce Identification No. 99/280
Body Part No: NSDLB080429 or BKB80SD5209/629
Nozzle Seating Washer Lister 201-11720
Lister aluminium sleeve fitted
Nozzle Part No: CAV/Bryce: BDN12SD12
Set @ 2350 psi, 165 bar, 165 atms.
Massey Ferguson Types:
Perkins, FE23c & FE20c.
Motopal Types:
Zetor & Ursus Tractor Application.
Motopal DOP Nozzles in stock.
OMAP Types:
Perkins & Italian Engine Applications.
Perkins Types:
Engine Types p3/p4/p6/R6/S6
We hold most of the popular letter codes in stock "AA" to "ZZ".
Petter Types:
Petter AA1 & AC1 Injector Unit
Bryce Identification No. 99/355 & 99/233
AA1 Body Part No: old series. NSDOA35SD0368
Byce Code: 99/233
AC1 Body Part no: new series. NSDOAO48D0507
Bryce Code: 99/355
Nozzle Part No: Bryce: PIS4S437 Bosch: DN4S162
Nozzle Seating Washer: CAV Part No: NW5-43W4
Set @ 2650 psi.
Note: The AC1 injector has the longer Nozzle Cap Nut covering the nozzle.
Petter PH early Version Injector Unit
Bryce Identification No. 99/232 900 to 1099 rpm
Body Part no: AL67SD249
Nozzle Part No: Bryce: HL130S26C175P3
Set @ 2250 psi.
Late Version:
Bryce Identificaiton No: 99/231 1100 to 2000 rpm
Set @ 3150 psi.
Body & Nozzle are the same for both applications.
Nozzle Seating Washer: CAV Part No: 5339-401
Ruston Types:
Ruston & Hornsby YD engine
CAV Injector Assembly: Des No: 5224401
Body Part No: BKBL87S664
Nozzle Part No: Bryce: HL140S25C544 CAV: BDLL150S6183
Set @ 170 atms.
Nozzle Seating Washer: CAV Part No: 5339-401
Fuel Pump of R&H make.
Note the outlet on the Pump & Injector are Ermato Coned
Simms Types:
Bedford 220, BMC Nuffield Tractor, Ford Trucks, Fordson & Dexta Tractor.
Stanadyne Types:
Ford, John Deere, Pencil Type.
Marine Type Injectors:
We have Service Facilities with an associate company to supply and recondition the larger sizes of Marine Injectors & Nozzles.
Injector Spares
Please Note: In all cases, proprietary part numbers are quoted for reference purposes only, and are not intended to imply that the parts are manufactured by the companies indicated.