We have in stock all types of the Leather and Rubber Diaphragms for the Pneumatic Governors fitted on Diesel Fuel Pumps.

We carry stock of spares for CAV older type Mechanical Pneumatic & Hydraulic Governors, including Casings, Weight Assemblies, Pins & Bushes and Gasket Kits.

For the SIMMS Minimec types of Governor we carry the Weight Assemblies, all spares and Gasket Kits.

Ferguson Tractor FE 20C, David Brown Tractor
(Leather Type CAV Part No: 7034-19A.)
Ford Dextra fitted with the SIMMS Pump Type SPE34
(Leather Type SIMMS Part No: 23484).
Ford Dextra, Perkins Engine fitted with the CAV Pump Type BPE3A
(Leather Type CAV Part No: 7034-19A).
Perkins Engines P3/P4/P6/R6 with CAV Fuel Pump Type BPE "A"
(Leather Type CAV Part No: 7034-19A).
Fordson Major and Ford Trader Engines fitted with SIMMS Pump SPE Type
(Rubber Type SIMMS Part No: 84091).
BMC 5.1/5.7 Truck and Nuffield Tractor with SIMMS Pump. Two types are fitted:
Rubber "Top Hat" Type
(SIMMS Part No: 86498).
Rubber "Bellows" Type
(SIMMS Part No: 84091).
Leather Type fits SIMMS Pump SPE3A75S473
(SIMMS Part No: 24048).
Please note: We require your old diaphragm to re-manufacture this part.
Bedford 220 SIMMS Pump P4629
(Leather Type SIMMS Part No: 26218).
IHC International Tractor with CAV Pump BPE4A
(Leather Type Part No: 7034-19H).
Bedford 300/330 CAV "AAL" Type In-line Fuel Pump
(Leather Type Part No: CAV 7034-19H).
Commer TS3 CAV Fuel Pump Type NL
(Leather Type Part No: CAV 7034-19E).
Leyland Motors:
BPE6B Fuel Pump fitted with a BEP/LB Combined Pneumatic & Weight Governor
(Leather Type Part No: CAV 7034-19B).
M. Benz Bosch Diameter 69.50mm
(Leather Type Part No: 1 420 503 004).
Toyota Denso Diameter 69.50mm
(Leather Type Part No: 090580-0041).
Please Note: In all cases, proprietary part numbers are quoted for reference purposes only, and are not intended to imply that the parts are manufactured by the companies indicated.